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Granite Colors and Patterns

Whether remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, it's hard to argue against granite countertops. That's the assertion of the roughly 55% of homeowners who say they have plans to renovate their homes in the upcoming year.


All the Trending Granite Colors & Styles

The only thing really up for debate is what colors and patterns individuals should choose when making granite countertops part of their kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

Popular Granite Counter Patterns and Colors

Studies show many homeowners are buying granite with unique, complex, and distinctive veining patterns that make the counters in their bathrooms truly stand out. As far as colors, the most popular ones include:

Typhoon Green Granite – Green is seldom the first color that comes to mind when most homeowners think of granite, but Typhoon Green Granite is quickly changing that as it is proving to be one of the most popular granite colors of 2022. Somewhere between olive and a deep brown, Typhoon Green Granite perfectly complements bathrooms and kitchens with a lighter aesthetic.

Alaska White Granite – This granite color is as exotic-looking as it sounds. And in 2022, homeowners are buying it up at break-neck speeds, with most doing so to pair it with dark kitchen or bathroom cabinets for a striking black-white design. For reference, Alaska White Granite is a light colored granite with onyx hues.

Nordic Black – The complete and polar opposite of Alaska white, we have Nordic Black. And homeowners also can't seem to buy this particular color fast enough. With white and silver veins, this Scandinavian-inspired granite color screams opulence and perfectly complements bathrooms and kitchens in high-end homes.

African Ivory Granite – For homeowners especially fond of unique and complex patterns in their granite, African Ivory Granite might very well be up your alley. Often compared to Google Maps, African Ivory Granite has subtle cream, gold, blue, and gray highlights, and it perfectly complements most kitchens and bathrooms with a neutral theme.

To learn more about these and other granite counter colors popular with homeowners in 2022, consider scheduling a consultation with Brother's Granite & Marble, a leading granite and marble installer and manufacturer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


In our gallery you will see common colors used, but different patterns and cuts to fit the space of the business and homeowners needs. 

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