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Fireplace Surround

During winter, you'd like to enjoy a night around an upgraded design fireplace. Having a fireplace matching your home color makes the experience even better. Our team carries a complete inventory of fireproof and safe materials to help you exactly land your dreams. Our team has vast experience working with marble and granite to deliver outstanding designs for your home.


We Have Exceptional Fire Place Surround Ideas

Granite and Marble are the most popular options when choosing the stone type for your fireplace surround. Why? These materials come in different colors, which enable us to match and mold them into various designs. Below are some of the best ideas we have for fireplace surround:

The jungle style - it would be very appealing to have the stone color mixed to produce the jungle color. We usually combine green with brown and some yellow to give the fireplace an attractive look.

Mirrored style - granite and marble are visually appealing. We use the style to create an attractive fireplace surround and add a little artwork that gives it a mirror-like structure. Moreover, we can add the actual mirror if you want to make it more real.

All-white style - maybe you have appealing couch designs and would like to make the fireplace all-white. We are experts in these white designs. We can also paint the whole wall and the mantel the same white to spark your guests' attention.

Our granite fireplace mantels can withstand hot temperatures, which makes the stone suitable for a home. It's very safe because its low heat conductivity can save kids and pets from burning.

Contact Granite Fireplace installers for Services

BROTHER'S Granite & Marble LLC. is a reliable fireplace surround installer company that dominates in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We are open all days of the week to help you reach your home dream. Contact us now and get free estimates.


We will provide you with a free in-home estimate on any small or large project you are planning. 

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